The Best Health and Fitness Apps!

by Wendy on January 18, 2013

The number of health and fitness apps continues to increase and many are helping motivate people to get in shape!  These apps can help track workouts, running, and food intake.  You always have your smartphone with you, so why not try one of these apps to help you to reach your fitness goals! 


Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

One of the most popular health and fitness apps, Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker lets users track their daily activity and food intake.  With nutritional info available for almost any food, just enter the food and quantity and the app tracks caloric intake and offsets that amount with calories burned from daily activity.  The app even comes with a bar code scanner so all you have to do is scan prepackaged foods and enter the serving size.  The nutritional information is automatically entered into your food diary.


Lose It!

Like Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker, Lose It! tracks daily activity and food intake.  Set a daily calorie goal and try to reach it by tracking calorie intake and physical activity.  This app offers a search for new recipes and exercises and you can sign up to receive regular progress reports.


Nike Training Club

With the Nike Training Club app you choose a workout and it will guide you through the entire workout step by step.  Workouts are broken down into steps you view in video format.  You choose the workout music from your own music library or choose no music.  Customize the workout to fit your personal need and ability.  This awesome free app includes over 100 custom workouts so you will never be bored!



Like Nike Training Club, Vitoto generates a customized workout program for you based on your fitness level.  Customized workout programs guide users through exercises with tips and videos.  Track your goals on their program, or sync it with another app like Runkeeper.



Whether you run, walk, bike, or hike, the GPS tracking tools in Runkeeper measure distance, speed, and calories burned.  This app also syncs up your health data with several other fitness apps to give you a more complete view of your overall progress.


Couch To 5K

Couch To 5K claims to have helped thousands of new runners train for a 5K in just 20 to 30 minutes, three times a week, for nine weeks.  The app features GPS to track your route, virtual trainers to coach your through your workout, a workout log to track your progress toward your goal, and way for you to search and register for local races.  Enough to motivate any couch potato!


Pocket Yoga

If you enjoy yoga or have wanted to learn yoga then Pocket Yoga is the app for you!  This app has an extensive dictionary of yoga poses and terms and exceptional yoga instructors that lead through three different variations of yoga, with three difficulty levels, in 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions.



No heart rate monitor?  No problem, Cardiio measures and tracks your heart rate using just your iPhone camera.  Developed by engineers and scientists at MIT and Harvard this app really works!   All you do is take your picture and Cardiio works by measuring the amount of light that is reflected off your face.  It also offers long-term tracking to see how your resting heart rate morphs over time, along with comparisons to population averages.



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