The Causes Of Children Obesity

by Rachelle on August 18, 2012

Anybody who tells you that obesity is not a problem in America needs to have his or her head examined. In the US today, obesity has reached alarming proportions. In fact, the situation is so bad that people need to take emergency measures to reverse this condition. The facts speak for themselves. Over the past 30 years, children obesity has more than tripled. If things continue this way, by the year 2030, 42% of Americans will be obese. Clearly this is not a matter that should be taken lightly by any sensible person. Obesity is bad news and the problem is that this bad news will get much worse if drastic steps are not taken now to contain this nationwide epidemic.

It is important to understand clearly that obesity is not the same thing as being slightly overweight. If you have a healthy and well-fed look, you may not be obese but you might be on the way to obesity if you do not watch your diet. Obesity can be defined as the abnormal accumulation of excessive fat to the extent that these fat deposits become a risk to the health of the individual. Some authorities have also defined obesity as being 20% and more above your normal weight. As you can see, it is a serious matter.

Adult obesity is bad enough but children obesity is really terrible. This is because children obesity statistics have revealed that obese children are very likely carry the condition into adulthood. The only way to reduce children obesity rates is to understand the causes of this condition and deal with the problem from the very early stages. One major cause of children obesity in America is that there is too much food in the society. There is a classic irony in the fact that people need good food to remain strong and healthy and yet some people can actually lose their health from eating too much food. The trick here is that people need to eat the right quantities of food. The ready availability of food in America should not be an excuse for children to overdose on food.

Children obesity in America is the fault of the parents and adults in most cases. Parents pile their kids with huge portions of food at home. Some parents take their kids to restaurants where the kids eat huge meal and second helpings. When kids are taken out on picnics, they are allowed to carry large flasks filled with food. Food is also available in gas stations, at the park and in the cinema. The kids are too young to know better so they eat as much as they can. This is where the parents and elders (who ought to know better) need to put their foot down. They need to tell the kids loud and clear: “Too much food is bad for you”.

Apart from the availability of food, another cause of children obesity is the lifestyle of the so-called modern people in the society. There is definitely a connection between hi-tech gadgets and obesity. Some children obesity facts cannot just be ignored. In the past, children had the option of playing football and basketball in their spare time. Children also had swings and skipping ropes and they enjoyed these healthy forms of exercise. These days, modern kids have gadgets like Play Station, Nintendo, iPods, iPads and all kinds of computer games. A lot of kids also spend hours just sitting down and surfing the web.

Sitting down for hours is not the best way for young and energetic children to spend their free time. Meanwhile, as these kids surf the web or play their video games, they are loading their systems with burgers, hot dogs, fizzy drinks, pies, milk shakes and other high calorie foods. This is the why obesity in children is alive and well. Too much food and too little physical activity will definitely result in obesity.

The terrible thing about obesity in children is that it has serious medical, social and economic implications. Obese children usually have low self-esteem. They are teased and called names by their mates at school and this can make such children miserable. Again, obese children are likely to grow up into obese adults. The implication here is that the risk factor for diabetes will increase. So will the risk factor for stroke, cardiovascular disease and problems with the bones and joints. All these can be avoided if parents and teachers take out time to guide the kids on the right eating habits.

The best way to prevent obesity in children is to tackle the problem at home. Parent should serve the kids healthy portions. Smart parents can also introduce intermittent fasting in their homes. The kids can fast one day in a week or live on fruits one day in a week. Parents also need to insist on physical activity in their homes. A family soccer team is a great idea. Other great ideas include running, using skipping ropes and swimming. At school, teachers need to teach things like the Body Mass Index (BMI), optimum weight and the dangers of obesity.

Children obesity has serious implications on the life of the child. The good news is that this condition can be prevented easily by taking the right steps. Like most medical conditions, it is always better to prevent than to cure and this is true about obesity.



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