The Clean House Workout

by Jackie on December 7, 2012

During the holidays we all want to have our house clean in preparation for unexpected guests or holiday parties.  Do you feel like you are always so busy doing housework that you never have time to work out?  Read on to learn how to exercise while you get your house sparkling clean!  Speeding up your movements is the key to burning those extra calories.  Try these other tips that will help you to burn extra calories while getting your house clean!


10 Fitness Tips for Cleaning

  1. Move quickly up and down the stairs of your house during your cleaning session.  Clean one room upstairs, then one room downstairs and keep alternating so that you are climbing the stairs more often.  Take the stairs two at a time for an even better butt and thigh workout.
  2. Squat when you are picking items up off the floor.  Or lunge across a messy room to have it picked up in no time.
  3. Set a timer and race to see how quickly you can get a particular chore completed.  Try to finish more quickly each time.  Can you unload your dishwasher in less than three minutes?  Try two minutes.  Thoroughly scrub your bathroom in 20 minutes.  Or see how much of your house you can quickly clean in 20 minutes.  The timer will help keep you focused on your task and improve your pace.
  4. Vacuum quickly to burn extra calories. Use good posture and big movements to incorporate arm and leg muscles.  Try lunging forward and back while extending your arm and pulling it back to engage even more muscles.  Switch from the right side to the left side after several reps to work both arms and legs.
  5. When scrubbing dishes, walls, sinks, counters, and windows use big sweeping, zig zag, or circular repetitive motions, switch directions every 20 reps, scrub vigorously, and alternate sides to work both arms evenly.  This will help you tone and strengthen arm muscles.
  6. Turn up the music!  Pick music that is lively and energetic and makes you want to move and dance!  This can help you to move more quickly through your cleaning routine.  Music makes everything, including housecleaning, better.
  7. Mop or scrub floors vigorously, try to keep your back straight, and scrub hard to work up a sweat.  Your floors will shine and your heart will be pumping!
  8. When housecleaning, take deep breaths.  Breathing properly helps you reap added benefits from any activity, including housecleaning.  Taking deep breaths will also keep you feeling energized.
  9. Set a good cleaning pace.  Try working to the rhythm of the music.  A faster, more energetic pace will keep your heart pumping and get your cleaning done more quickly.
  10. Don’t forget to stretch.  Housecleaning gives you lots of opportunities to stretch.  When you are mopping or vacuuming, stand in one spot, and try to reach as much of the floor as you can by stretching and pushing the vacuum or mop as far out ahead of you as you can.  When wiping counters, stand in one spot, and stretch to reach as much of the counter as you can.  When cleaning windows, stretch to reach as high up as you can.


I hope you will be inspired to incorporate these tips into your everyday cleaning tasks.  If you just integrate one or two tips I would suggest using a timer and music.  They are easy changes that will help you burn more calories and get your cleaning done more quickly!

Check out our previous post, “Calories Burned: Household Chores vs. Typical Workout” to learn more about how many calories you can actually burn performing everyday chores around the home at



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