The hCG Diet Plan

by Mel on July 7, 2016

Information on how to lose weight is everywhere. The fact of the matter is that one method that works for one may not work for another. It is indisputable that regular exercise, moderation of eating portions, and eating healthy foods is an excellent method of losing weight and keeping that weight off.

hCG1234It is also, rather unfortunately, a slow method of losing weight, with many falling off the wagon early before seeing any real results. So what does the dieter do, who wants to lose weight quickly to start, with a plan to settle into more sustainable diet choices once they have reached their target weight? A hCG diet plan may be the solution for these people.

The hCG diet has become very popular in recent years due to the rapid weight loss that it promises. Dieters must restrict their diet to 500 calories a day in conjunction with administering the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG.

Normally when the body is starved of calories it goes into starvation mode. Unfortunately for the dieter, starvation causes the body to not only hold off on the burning of fat, but actually increases its production in a just in case scenario. Instead, the body turns to muscle for a more easily burned source of quick energy. This may have been an effective survival process for primitive man running around the savannah, but it does not work too well in modern society.

However, despite the risks, calorie restriction is a very popular method that has shown great results for dieters who can manage to see it through. Restricting daily calorie intake allows the body to burn off stored calories that do not get replaced during the day. It can be a very effective method for shedding unwanted weight, but it needs to be done correctly, with the right conditions. As the hCG diet limits the dieter to a mere 500 calories a day, careful monitoring of their health is crucial to success.

hCG drops work by signalling the body to burn off fat during calorie restriction rather than muscle. Instead of burning off valuable muscle mass the dieter sees a rapid reduction in the fat stores on their body. This is a great boost to morale for a dieter who has struggled with their weight over the years.

As with any diet plan, a hCG diet should only be undertaken with the approval of a physician. Ideal circumstances would involve regular checkups to make sure that everything is going according to plan. Also, even greater results can usually be achieved when an exercise plan is thrown into the equation.



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