The Many Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage

by Jackie on September 1, 2017

Massage therapy can relieve many problems that women often experience during pregnancy. It can reduce back pain, muscle aches and joint pains that are common during pregnancy. Some women suffer from sciatic pain during the last few pregnancy months, and massage therapy can help to relieve sciatica. It can also balance mood swings, reduce stress and anxiety and improve your sleep. Massage boosts blood circulation and lymphatic flow and can reduce swelling around the joints which often happens during pregnancy.

Prenatal massage is usually performed while the client lies on her side. This is thought to be the most comfortable and most beneficial position. It is best to look for a therapist with a certification in pregnancy massage. Some therapists do not treat women during the first trimester, but some therapists provide gentle massage therapy during the first three months. If there are any complications during your pregnancy, it is best to talk to your doctor before getting a massage, but in general massage therapy can be very helpful in relieving many common pregnancy-related complaints. Massage in the delivery room may even help to induce labor.



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