The Most Sensible After Pregnancy Diet For You

by Mel on July 30, 2012

Nobody in his right mind will ask a woman to begin a diet immediately after childbirth. That will be like asking a soccer player recovering from knee surgery to play for the Spanish national team in the world cup final. You need to understand that pregnancy is a life changing event. After nine months of changes in the female system, the body needs time to adjust to being “normal” again. In any case, there is no point in rushing into any form of after pregnancy diet. This is because doctors hold the view that rushing into a diet program immediately after pregnancy will do you more harm than good.

Sure, you need to get your figure back. You also want to lose all that pregnancy fat but you need to give it time. It does not always follow that a beautiful woman needs to be as thin as a rake. A woman can have a healthy and well-fed look and she will be considered beautiful. So you can enjoy the well-fed look until you get back your once-slim figure.
Actually, after pregnancy diets are not meant for weight loss alone. The right diet for after pregnancy is the one which will ensure that you have all the right nutrients and drop some of the pregnancy fat into the bargain. It is important to note that pregnancy-related business does not end with childbirth. You still need to breastfeed your baby and while you are doing this, you need to eat very well.

The key to success for diet after pregnancy is the baby. The baby is your primary responsibility now and so you cannot embark on a diet which can harm your baby. This means that you must cut out foods which are high in fat and sugar. Things like potato chips and cookies are out of the question entirely. They are bad for you and they are bad for your baby. Again, you should not go anywhere near candy, fried foods, soft drinks and greasy snacks. These things can be replaced with a lot of other healthy choices. Diet pills are also out of the question. They do not work in most cases and they can harm your baby.

Apart from avoiding all the obvious bad foods, you need to have healthy habits too. Do not smoke because this is a triple whammy. Smoking is very bad for you. It interferes with your milk flow and is dangerous to the health of your baby. Do not take alcoholic drinks either. Some of the booze can get into your breast milk. Now, it would not do to have your child get high on booze before he or she even learns to crawl. So, now you know the things you cannot eat or drink. It is time to move on to the basics of the after pregnancy diet.

The major requirements of diet after pregnancy is nutrition and calorie control. Nursing mothers need to limit calories to 1800 to 2000 calories per day. To some people, this may seem to be on the high side but it is not. Remember that you are breastfeeding so you still eat to eat for two people.
Drink milk and drink lots of water. You do not have to worry about putting on weight if you drink milk because most of the milk will be used to feed the baby. Water is the perfect drink for people on any form of diet. It cleanses the system and it wards off constipation. In the context of the nursing mother, water also makes the breast milk flow. Try to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

The right after pregnancy diet is simply called GVF. This is an abbreviation for grains, vegetables and fruits. In this context, grains need to be whole grain like brown rice. Cut out processed flour entirely because it is not good for you. Vegetables include all the popular choices like carrots, peas, lettuce, spinach, beans and green leafy vegetables. The good thing about these vegetables is that they are full of nutrients. Again, they contain few calories and practically no fat. Eat as much vegetables as you can because you cannot overdose on them. You also need fruits because they aid digestion. They also contain water and essential vitamins. You cannot put on weight if you eat plenty of fruits.

Living on the GVF diet alone will leave you short of proteins so you need to add some MLF to the diet. This stands for meat, legumes and fish. For meat, you can cut down on red meat and eat chicken or turkey. Legumes are great because they contain iron which is good for you. The recommended choice of fish is salmon. Add a handful of nuts once in a while and you have the complete after pregnancy diet.

You also need to exercise while you are on this diet. This will ensure that you are losing fat and not muscle. Begin your exercise program by taking a walk every day and add other options as you get stronger. As you can clearly see, the best diet after pregnancy is to eat well and eat the right foods in moderation. Do this and you will get your figure back after a while.



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