Tips for Avoiding the Fridge After Dark

by Gabriella Patel on September 30, 2014

Are you guilty of late night snacking?

It has been proven in studies that late at night, your body starts to crave sweet and salty foods. Your hunger levels are going to be at their peak in the evenings. Therefore, it is no wonder that you have become tempted to raid the pantry for some chips or maybe even some ice cream.

Consequences of eating outside of your normal eating cycle are described in an article entitled “Out of Sync” published in the magazine The Scientist. It states that it could lead to weight gain, and throw off the body’s natural metabolic cycles. According to the article, new research continues to “add to the growing recognition that our metabolisms are primed by the circadian machinery written in our genes, and that discord between the two can wreak havoc on our systems.”

The occasional late-night snack is nothing to worry about. But nightly bingeing merits a closer look. Here are a couple tips that can help you fight off those late-night cravings, and put you on a track that will keep you from looking for a quick bowl of cereal or ice cream before you hit the hay.


  1. Brush your teeth after your last meal

We’ve all made the mistake of brushing our teeth in the morning and then drinking some orange juice. Brushing your teeth will make anything taste disgusting for a little while after. So, when you start having late night cravings, you should brush your teeth. You should always brush your teeth at the end of the day, so why not do it when you’re going through cravings?


  1. Avoid the television

Chances are, you will sit in front of the television, start to relax, and you will want to munch down on some popcorn, chips, cookies, or pizza. In these cases, you are mindlessly snacking and it is probably out of boredom rather than hunger. A commercial could come on from your favorite fast food restaurant and then your mouth is going to really start to water. If you can, you should avoid the television. Instead, you could read a book, exercise, play a video game, etc.


  1. Hit the gym

If you find that you are having a craving, you could always exercise instead! Of course, if you have an intense workout, you’ll need a small post-workout snack. Make sure this snack is high in protein.


  1. Eat protein instead of sugar and salt

If you absolutely must have a snack, you should pick a snack that is high in protein, but low in carbohydrates. You should try to eat most of your carbs earlier in the day, so your body will burn them for energy. Protein takes the body longer to digest, so you will feel full longer.


  1. Embrace the hunger

Whenever you get hungry, you should keep in mind that your body is burning fat. Whenever you are hungry at bedtime, your body is dipping into its fat storage. So, that feeling of hunger you feel is just your body burning fat.


Gabriella Patel

Gabriella Patel

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