Tips For Healthier Summer Baking

by Jackie on July 22, 2016

Healthy baking can be delicious without adding too many extra calories. When making your favorite summer baking treats, simply choose healthier substitutes for butter, sugar and other ingredients that usually add empty calories to baked goods.

GlutenReplace butter with sunflower spread or other vegetarian spreads that are suitable for baking, but make sure the spread does not contain unhealthy trans fats. Greek yogurt is a great low calorie substitute for butter: use half a cup of Greek yogurt for each cup of butter in cake recipes. Avocado is another great butter substitute.

Choose whole grain flour instead of bleached white flour. It will make your summer baking treats more filling and it gives your cakes and breads more fiber. Fruit and vegetables add sweetness to pastries and cakes, and you do not need to use as much sugar if you add sweet fruits to your baked goods. Try making banana bread, carrot cake and other treats that contain sweet fruits or vegetables. Reduce the amount of sugar by using coconut sugar, honey, maple syrup or agave nectar instead. These are natural sugars that are often even sweeter than white sugar.



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