Tips to Help Avoid Weight Gain This Summer

by Gabriella Patel on June 7, 2016

Summer is here, plates of goodies, Summer BBQs, and no time to exercise!  This year, don’t let your weight creep up on you like in years past!  Here are some tips to help you stay healthy and to help curb your appetite over the Summer.


Hiking upHealthy Tips


Take the focus off food this Summer.

There are so many ways to spend time together besides cooking, baking, and eating. Take a walk as a family and get outdoors.  Or burn some serious calories and go swimming, hiking or biking!


Bring snacks when you are out all day shopping.

It can be so tempting to grab a sweet treat or quick bite when you are out shopping at the mall. Pack filling healthy snacks like nuts, a piece of fruit, or a bag of air popped popcorn, and you won’t need to fight your way out of the food court


Don’t go to a party hungry.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is arriving to parties starving! It’s easy to think that the less you eat earlier in the day, the more room you’ll have to eat later at the party…and the less damage you’ll do overall. Instead, have a healthy, filling snack before the party so that you won’t be tempted to dive into the spinach and artichoke dip as soon as you arrive. A hardboiled egg, a slice of turkey, or a Greek yogurt are all small but satisfying options that you can have at home prior to making your big entrance.


Or bring your own healthy dish to the BBQ.

Bring a salad with delicious, colorful toppings like, roasted carrots and squash. Think of it as your safety net so that you won’t have to worry if there’s nothing but diet-busters being served.


Check out the entire spread before you dive in.

It’s easy to jump at the first thing and every different thing you see.  Studies show people eat more when they’re offered a greater variety of foods. By taking a tour of all the food first, you won’t fall into this trap. Walk around and look at everything, deciding what’s healthiest and what you want the most. And only after you’ve seen it all should you decide what to put on your plate. There just may be some healthy options you want to indulge in!

Gabriella Patel

Gabriella Patel

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