Top 10 Foods For High Energy

by Gabriella Patel on August 21, 2012

In this day and age some individuals think that they can do it all. When some people think they can do it all they want a lot of energy, but do not know where to find sources for that energy. People can increase their energy levels in a lot of ways; one way is by their food intake. There are 10 types of foods that are considered high energy foods.

Almonds: One of the best high energy foods are almonds, almonds contain healthy fats which are needed in order for brain function and with a brain that functions properly there will definitely be an increase in a person’s energy levels. Almonds are also great sources of fiber, bone building calcium, and many other important nutrients that the human body requires in order to work properly and have sufficient amounts of energy.

Coconut Water: Coconut water is not a solid food; however, it is one of the most helpful sources of energy. Coconut water is also known as “nature’s energy drink”. It contains vital nutrients, such as potassium and lauric acid. The potassium provides the body with essential nutrients and electrolytes that hydrate and replenish the human body. Lauric acid is helpful in speeding up a person’s metabolism and providing a boost in energy. Coconut water is also low in fat, sodium and sugar.

Dark Chocolate: Sources of energy do not have to be lack luster and tasteless, some sources of energy taste pretty sweet. One of those sources is dark chocolate. What makes dark chocolate a good energy source? Well, dark chocolate is full of heart healthy antioxidants. It also contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant to keep the body alert and increases a person’s metabolism. If you choose dark chocolate as your energy source make sure that you purchase organic dark chocolate, which is free of dairy. Also, for best results, consume dark chocolate in moderation.

Eggs: One of the foods that many people underestimate as a significant source of energy is eggs. Eggs are loaded with protein, amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for muscle growth, a strong immune system, equilibrium of body fluids and brain power. Eggs are also considered one of the top ten high energy foods because it contains over 10 key nutrients that the body needs.

Fresh Fruit: Another food that is known to increase energy levels is fresh fruit. One of the top ten high energy foods is fresh fruit because fresh fruit contains natural sugars that assist in energizing the body. The fruits that are recommended for maximized energy are pears, oranges, bananas, kiwi, pineapples and apples.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal, minus the brown sugar and butter, is a great complex carb. It helps sustain a person’s blood sugar and keeps a person’s tummy fuller, longer. It also has B vitamins that are known for increasing a person’s energy levels. That said, oatmeal would add more energy to any person’s day; the best time to eat oatmeal is before 11 a.m.

Turkey: Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving. Turkey can be consumed any time of year because it is one of the best high energy foods available. Turkey is rich in protein and has adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Turkey meat can be ingested via deli meat, ground meat, or in the form of turkey jerky. There are also a few ways to cook turkey. One way is to pan sear it, the other way is to roast it. Turkey is one of the best energy giving foods because it contains a natural chemical compound called “tryptophan”. When ingested tryptophan helps stimulate serotonin in a person’s brain, which helps a person have a good mood and better overall well-being, and with a good mood comes more energy.

Salmon: Salmon is a healthy source of energy. It contains omega 3 fatty acids as well as zinc, which is an energy enhancing mineral. It is also loaded with protein and is low in calories.

Kale: Not a lot of people have kale in their daily diets but they should because kale contains important vitamins. It contains a blood clotting agent known as vitamin K and helps ward off certain cancers. It also contains ample amounts of fiber, which keeps a person feeling fuller longer and helps to maintain energy levels.

Lemon Water: It is not truly a food, but it is a great beverage that will assist in the elimination of harmful toxins, cleanse the liver and provide increasing amounts of energy. For a boost of energy first thing in the morning consume eight ounces of water with a squeeze of lemon, it will help cleanse your kidneys and get you ready for the day.

Most people seek dangerous stimulants and other unhealthy means to acquire high amounts of energy, but with top 10 high energy foods people can gain the energy they need in a healthier way.

Gabriella Patel

Gabriella Patel

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