Try The Dramatic Weight Loss Diet And Surprise Yourself

by Rachelle on August 22, 2012

Being overweight is not fun unless of course you live somewhere in Africa where certain tribes believe that the healthy individual is the one who has a plump and well fed look. In their own way, these tribesmen may be right because in some parts of Africa good food is hard to come by. Most people in these parts are truly underweight. It is therefore safe to assume that people who are considered plump in these places may just have a normal body weight and a lot of skin over their bones. In America, food is readily available so you simply cannot use the Somali standard to judge the weight of the average American.

In case you are in doubt, there is a very simple way to tell if you are overweight. Your friends probably describe you as a large man or they refer to you as that lady with a well-fed look. They are just being polite, you see. This is a diplomatic way of saying you are fat so you need to take some dramatic weight loss action.

If you are looking for dramatic weight loss diets, there is good news and there is bad news for you. The bad news is that most of the dramatic weight loss tips out there do not work. Some of them can only work in the short term and after a while you are back to square one. Some so-called weight loss diets are very dangerous because you may not get enough nutrients if you take these “wonder diets”. There are pills that can depress your appetite. There are also pills, which can make you feel sick so that you throw up and lose vital body fluids. The truth is all diet pills are bad for you so do not even try this option. It is dangerous and ineffective.

The good news is that there are actually weight loss methods, which can solve the problem of extra fat deposits in a safe and sensible manner. These are the ones you need to take up because these are the ones which are guaranteed to do you the most good. Now, one very effective weight loss tip is good old fashioned fasting.

If you have Muslim friends, you may have observed that after the holy month of Ramadan, some of them look fit, trim and healthy. That is the benefit of fasting for a whole month and it can work for you too. The thing is that you may not be able to fast for one whole month but again, the good news is that you do not have to. You can simply tap into the power of intermittent fasting and you will be cool. The way this method works is simplicity in itself. You eat well on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday then you fast on Thursday. You eat well on Friday, Saturday and Sunday then you fast on Monday. In effect, you can fast once after every three days and this will translate to dramatic weigh loss in no time.

If you cannot cope with fasting for a whole day, you can fast half the day. You can also try the Daniel’s Fast. This is a modified and very safe form of fasting in which you cut down on some foods and eat just enough food to give you energy for the day’s activities. This is very effective too because you get to cut down on foods containing fat, oil and calories.
In the event that you want to cut out fasting entirely, you can simply try the “five day wonder diet”. This is one of the drastic diets that work. Before you begin this diet, buy a dress (for ladies) or a trouser (for men) that is a few sizes too small for you. Your aim is to wear this small size outfit after the five days of the drastic diet. Buying this outfit means that you have made a powerful statement and you are very optimistic into the bargain. The next move is to complete the five day wonder diet but you should also remember to take a long walk every evening.

On day one, your breakfast will be just a small plate of oatmeal without sugar but with low fat milk. This will go with one glass of fresh orange juice and you are done. For lunch, eat a green salad with avocado as your salad cream and two whole grain crackers. Dinner is one grilled salmon and some dried fruits washed down with a glass of water.

On day two, breakfast should be just one glass banana and strawberry smoothie and nothing else. For lunch, two roasted jacket potatoes will do along with a bit of cottage cheese and one orange. Your dinner is one roasted chicken breast with three small carrots and a banana. Repeat the day one diet on day three and repeat the day two diet on day four. On day five, reward yourself with two boiled eggs and two slices toasted whole wheat bread for breakfast. Eat a small plate of brown rice and beans for lunch and one apple. For dinner, you can enjoy one small grilled lamb chop and two baked potatoes.

Now, you have completed the dramatic weight loss program. On day six, take out the small size dress or trouser and wear it. You will make all your friends green with envy and surprise yourself into the bargain. This is the secret formula for drastic weight loss.



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