Two Fast Weight Loss Diets That Work

by Wendy on July 30, 2012

Anyone who has fought the weight loss battle for any amount of time knows that there are not really easy answers. Products that claim to shed pounds in a few weeks and keep them off no matter what you eat or whether you exercise rarely work. Those types of products can even be dangerous for people in certain situations. Although there is no get-skinny-quick scheme that works 100 percent of the time and sustains results, there are several fast weight loss diet plans that do work. If you are looking for a fast weight loss diet plan in order to jump start your campaign to a thinner you, then the two plans below are both tried and true methods for dropping pounds quick.

As with any diet plan, you should consult a physician if you have any extenuating health circumstances. Those with diabetes or other chronic health conditions should never undertake any major diet change, much less a fast weight loss diet, without the knowledge and advice of their medical doctor. Even if you have not been diagnosed with a health issue, you should take care in instituting fast weight loss diets. Although the diets below do not incorporate foreign chemicals or medications, a major change in the way you eat always has an impact on your body. If you begin to feel bad or odd, you should stop the diet and see your physician.

The Low-Low Calorie Diet

The basic premise behind any weight loss is that you take in fewer calories than you burn. One of the fastest ways to shed pounds is to reduce your calorie count by a significant amount. There are some fast weight loss diets that work by directing people to eat less than 500 calories per day and supplement with products or vitamins. That is a very low calorie count and may result in reduced energy and other negative side effects. Reducing your calorie count to between 900 and 1,200 per day should be sufficient to induce a quick shed of pounds, depending on your size and activity level. If you are very active, you may adjust that to 1,500 calories, since you are likely burning much more per day than a sedentary person. You can also try a certain level of calorie intake for a week or two and adjust it in order to fit your lifestyle and needs.

The benefit of a low calorie diet is that you do not restrict the types of food eaten. Many diets work by offering severe restrictions that people cannot uphold over the long haul. The result is that individuals eventually splurge on their favorite foods and may damage their weight loss. With a low calorie diet, you can have a cookie or slice of pizza for lunch, as long as you have a salad or other low calorie food for dinner. The key is balance. You cannot fill your enter 1,200 calories with cake, for example, and need to ensure you are eating enough proteins and high vitamin foods.

The Juicing Diet

Juicing is certainly a fast weight loss diet with proven results, although it is not for everyone. With this fast weight loss diet plan, you do not eat any solid foods for a certain amount of time. Many people attempt to do this for 15 days or a month. Some people juice five days a week and take two days off for several weeks in a row. Again, how you implement this fast weight loss diet will depend on your personal needs and situation. Sometimes, it is not practical to juice every meal of the day and you may juice for breakfast and dinner and eat a healthy lunch consisting of protein and green vegetables.

Juicing does require special equipment. You will need a juicer that extracts all the liquid from vegetables, fruits and other items. Many people misunderstand a fast weight loss diet based on juicing, thinking that they will be losing vitamins and minerals because they will mainly be taking in fruits. The truth is that a real juicing diet relies a lot on vegetables. You can juice kale, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, celery, certain types of lettuce and sprouts. An added benefit of juicing vegetables like kale and spinach is that you are ingesting large quantities of minerals and vitamins known to fight diseases like cancer. If you do not like the taste of juiced veggies, you can mix fruit like oranges, strawberries or apples into the blend to provide a tangy or sweet flavor.

Fast weight loss diets work as long as you are committed to achieving results. It does take some sacrifice on your part, but within a few weeks you can easily shed 5 to 15 pounds. Add a bit of exercise into the mix and you may even lose more.



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