Using Agility Exercises to Improve Lateral Movement

by Mel on September 1, 2015

Having good agility is important for athletes from many sports. But, no matter your age or fitness level, agility training should be an important part of your workout routine. As we age, or rather become complacent in our daily routines, both our mental and physical agility suffers. Agility will help your ability to quickly accelerate, decelerate, stop and change directions.

Medicine Ball WorkoutHere are a few exercises to get you started with your training:

Lower Body Ladder Shuffle

The ladder is a useful piece of fitness equipment for improving agility. Put both the first feet in the first square of the ladder. Now, step and put your right foot on the next square. As soon as your right foot touches the ground, get your left foot in the same square. Continue this pattern until you reach the end of the ladder and then change directions.

Upper Body Ladder Shuffle

You can also perform ladder drills to improve the agility in your upper body. This drill is executed in the same manner as the lower body shuffle, except with your hands. Start from a pushup position with both hands in the first square and proceed to move laterally across the ladder with your hands moving in the same way as you moved your feet in the previous drill. You also need to move sideways on your toes in order to complete this drill.

X Drill

The X drill helps improve your ability to quickly switch footwork, change directions and run at different angles. For this activity, you need four cones. The cones must set in a square formation with each side of the square being 15 feet. Start at the upper left cone and run diagonally across to the lower right cone. After reaching here, you have to shuffle laterally to the lower left cone and then swiftly run diagonally to the upper right cone. You have to finish this pattern by going back to the first cone. This exercise helps in improving the ability to swiftly change directions.

Medicine Ball Drills

Using an appropriately sized medicine ball for your fitness level, stand facing a concrete wall about 2-5 feet away. Throw the medicine ball in a chest pass toward the wall as you move laterally 10-20 feet. Reverse directions and move laterally back to the starting position as you do the medicine ball chest passes against the wall. Make sure to do one chest pass for each sideways step.

For increased difficulty, move quickly in a shuffle and squat down to an athletic stance. Quickly change direction at the end and return to the starting position. Keeping your feet from crossing each other as you concentrate on catching an object will increase your cognitive activity as well as improve your cardiovascular health.

Shark Skills Drill

In order to practice this exercise, you have to make a tape grip on the floor. The grid has to be 3×3 feet with nine equal squares. The person performing has to stand in the center square. All the surrounding squares must be numbered 1 to 8. Stand on one foot and jump to the first box and then come back to the center box. You have to do this on all the numbers. You can also ask your friend to call out random numbers and you jump accordingly.



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