Vegan Fast Food Options

by Andy on September 13, 2012

For vegetarians, fast food vegan options can be tough to manage. However, vegan fast food options do exist, if you know where to find them. Many fast food restaurants know offer choices for those following a vegan diet.

Go Green

When all else fails, almost every major fast food chain offers a choice of salads on their menu. Be sure to choose an option that you can identify on the menu as free of cheese and any meat. If it is not readily available in the description, be sure to ask. Several fast food chains also offer salad bars, where you can put together your own salad from plenty of vegan-friendly choices like vegetables, chickpeas and lentils.


Potatoes are always a crowd-pleaser, and a hearty vegan fast food lunch choice. Baked potatoes are readily available at fast food establishments and many places offer loaded varieties filled with vegetables and salsa. French fries may be safe, if fried in vegetable oil instead of lard. Check with an employee on which kind of oil is used before ordering.

Arby’s and Wendy’s both offer a baked potato and a garden salad as a lunch choice.

Vegan Sandwiches

For some burger-based fast food chains, unless you hold the meat and get everything else, it might be a bit tough to find vegan sandwiches. Fast food sandwich and sub chains, however, all offer vegan sandwiches. Vegetarian’s subs are filled with veggies and dressed with vegan-based dressings. They are an excellent, inexpensive option for a vegan lunch. Vegan fast food choices at restaurants that offer many ingredients can offer endless choices when choosing a lunch, as you can combine a variety of ingredients to make a new sandwich was day. It is a great way not to get bored when you are eating a vegan lifestyle.

Subway is a very vegan accommodating chain. They allow customers to pick and choose any sandwich item. They also offer a Veggie Delight sandwich as well as the Veggie Max, which is made with a soy-based burger and chock full of protein. Subway’s sauce called Sweet Onion is certified vegan.

In some states, Burger King offers the BK Veggie. It is a vegetarian burger patty on a bun with lettuce and tomato. It is a delicious choice, and they use Morningstar veggie burgers to prepare the meal. Morningstar is one of the leaders in soy based food products.

South of the Border

Hold the sour cream. Hold the cheese. What’s left? A wide-variety of vegan options is available for lunch at any Mexican fast food chain. Vegetable quesadillas, veggie burritos, enchiladas, and a host of other items grace a typical Mexican menu. Yellow rice, salsa and guacamole also meet the vegan threshold. Beans are also a good choice; make sure that they have not been made with meat scraps or lard before ordering.

At Taco Bell, vegans can fill up on the veggie quesadilla – hold the cheese. Their menu also has choices such as fiesta potatoes, nachos and salsa and veggie tacos.

Chipotle offers meatless burritos and tacos, as well as the meatless burrito bowl. Chipotle does not cook their black beans in lard, so rice and beans is also an option at this chain. Beware their pinto beans, as they are cooked with bacon.

The fast food Mexican restaurant, Chili’s, offers vegetable oil fried chips and salsa as an beginning course and vegetable quesadillas for the main course. They can be made with or without sour cream and cheese. Their signature fajitas also come as a vegan entree.


While some vegans do not equate raw fish with meeting the vegan standard, almost all sushi places — fast food and otherwise — offer vegetarian rolls. Rolls filled with rice and oshinko (a kind of Japanese pickle), as well as rolls filled with all sorts of vegetables and fruits, from a banana roll to a sweet potato roll. Sushi is a low calorie, filling option for a vegan lunch.

The popular fast food sushi chain, Kona, now offers a completely vegan menu. For an appetizer, try the edamame or seaweed salad. In addition to vegetarian rolls, they offer three vegan salads and have five vegan salad dressing choices. Their Pan-Asian noodles are vegan, and can be ordered with the vegan sides such as, steamed baby bok choy, white rice and seasonal vegetables.

Save Room for Dessert

Have a classic slice of Americana at Dairy Queen. This iconic chain now offers vegan slushes. They come in cherry, lime, kiwi and raspberry flavors.

With a little menu investigation, it is easy to eat a vegan fast food lunch. Almost all fast food chains list nutritional information on their websites. Some brief searching on the web can help you make an informed choice when looking for cheap and easy food, which is still nutritious and healthy.



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