Weekly Weigh In 6: Down 2.2 lbs

by CB Blog Team on March 23, 2013

When I say consistency, you say YEAH!

This week I lost 2.2 lbs and am very happy about it. At this point in my weight loss plan, I am hoping to lose an average of 2 lbs per week. I still have 23 lbs to lose, so this should be at least 11 more weeks. In order to do this I will stick to the same ole’ diet and make small increases/changes to the intensity, type, and length of my exercises. The reason for all the changes is for several reasons. First, in order to avoid plateaus, you must keep your body guessing. Next, the muscles may need time to recover from the previous days loads. Lastly, varying your exercises improves overall fitness and prevents mental burnout and injuries.


With consistency being the theme this week; how is your consistency? I know many of you are on your own weight loss journey. I urge you to not lose your consistency due to a lack of information. If you have questions please give our support staff a call at any time. Call 877-744-1224 with any questions.


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