What Are The Benefits Of A Sugar Detox?

by Jackie on March 9, 2017

Most people eat far too much sugar. It is difficult to avoid it as sugar is added to most foods, and it can be addictive too. A sugar detox will help stop cravings. Other benefits may include weight loss, higher energy levels and better digestion.

sugar substituteAnyone who gives up sugar for a while usually loses at least some weight. If you are used to reaching for something sweet when you feel low on energy, you might notice that your energy levels are actually much higher after a detox. Those who suffer from digestive problems, such as bloating or gas, often notice an improvement after a sugar detox. You might also notice that your skin looks better after detoxing and your complexion is clearer.

A total detox means avoiding all types of sugar, including sugar that is added to foods and drinks. An easier way than a full detox is to reduce the amounts of sugar you eat daily. Avoid processed foods and snacks and sweetened soft drinks. If you crave for something sweet, eat fresh fruit or a small piece of dry fruit, and keep your blood sugar level stable by eating regular meals and snacking on nuts, seeds or other sugar-free snacks.



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