What Are The Health Benefits Of Goji Berries?

by Jackie on August 15, 2017

Goji berry is a small red berry that is rich in nutrients and has many health benefits. Goji berries come from a tree that is native to China, and they have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. They are usually available in a dried form and look like small red raisins.

The berries are full of antioxidants and they have been used in some cultures to promote long life. They are fat free and low in calories, and they contain a lot of fiber for their small size. They are also a source of important minerals and vitamins, such as iron, selenium, vitamin C and vitamins A and B2. Studies are looking into goji berries and their effect on diabetes, high blood pressure and other health conditions, although more research is still needed.

Goji berries can be eaten raw or the dried berries can be soaked in hot water before use. They can be added to smoothies, cereals, porridge, yogurt or fruit salads. They can also be infused in boiling water and made into an herbal tea that boosts the immune system.



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