Why You Need to Know How to Shop for No Preservatives

by John on September 26, 2012

There is a very popular expression to the effect that you eventually become what you eat. If you did not take this expression seriously in the past, you need to do so now. We live in an age of mechanized farming. Now, there is nothing wrong with this because mechanized farming has led to an increase in food production. The result is more food and cheap food, which is really great. Unfortunately, we also live an age of chemicals. Chemicals are used to grow to food and chemicals are used to preserve food, this is where we have a huge problem. The situation is so bad that these days, organic food is hard to come by. If you are a smart and health conscious person, you need to know where to buy organic food. In fact, you should buy organic food as much as you can because these foods are much safer for you.

Talking about the benefits of organic foods is a matter of stating the obvious. There are many benefits for people who eat only organic foods but it is important that you know the dangers that come with modified foods, inorganic foods, and chemical preservatives. Some authorities claim that organic foods have higher nutritional value than inorganic foods. Now, the jury is still out on this so it is better to focus on the dangers of chemicals used in preserving foods.

As a rule, almost anything in a can or in a bottle contains chemical preservatives. People who know how to shop for no preservatives are aware of this fact and this why they go to great lengths to read food labels before buying them. On the plus side, chemical preservatives keep foods from spoiling. These chemicals also give the foods a longer shelf life. It is also possible that without preservatives, it would be difficult to get foods, which are not in season. Now, this is where the advantages end. On the negative side, chemical preservatives cause food allergies. If you think this is bad news, the news gets even worse because doctors have found a connection between chemical preservatives and some forms of cancer. Preservatives have also been linked with kidney damage, prostrate inflammation, brain tumors and poor development of the central nervous system. Clearly, this is bad news and this is why you need to know how to shop for no preservatives.

Fortunately, manufacturers are compelled to list the preservatives they use in the foods and this may offer you a bit of protection. Some of the most dangerous preservatives out there are sodium benzoate, sodium nitrate, propyl gallate, thimerosal, and potassium bromate. If you see any of these on the label of a food item you want to buy, run for your dear life. It has to be pointed out that the FDA is not in the business of permitting food processing companies to sell poison to the society. The truth is that some of
these products are safe if they are used in “the right quantities”. Now, this is where the problem lies. In some cases, these preservatives are not used in the right quantities so they simply become poison.

You need to know where to buy organic foods because the dangers of preservatives and chemicals are not restricted to processed foods. There are also risk factors when pesticides are used to grow food. Some of the pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables find their way into the foods even after they have been harvested. In some cases, farmers spray chemicals on harvested food like grains make them last longer. This means that the food should not be consumed until the effects of the chemicals have worn off. If these foods find their way into the market before they are certified safe, people who eat these products can get into serious trouble.

So, now that you know all the risk factors, you need to assess your options. The best way to buy organic foods is to buy from very safe sources. If you live near a farm, buy your foods directly from the farmer. This applies to fruits, vegetables, poultry, and livestock products. For poultry and eggs, your best bet is to buy birds, which were reared using the free range system. The price may be a little bit higher but you are guaranteed safe products.

People who buy organic products online need to be very careful. It is safer to visit the offline address of the online outfit and verify that these foods are actually organic. There is no point in taking any risks with your life and your long term health. Be as careful as you can and ensure that you buy only safe fruits, vegetables, and eggs. Eat natural foods as much as possible. Buy organic food products and avoid anything in a bottle or in a can. This is one way to live a long and healthy life.



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