Will A Cleanse Benefit Your Body?

by Gabriella Patel on October 15, 2012

Cleansing the body to rid it of toxins and infectious chemicals is not new. It goes back well into history, as most religions have some sort of cleanse or fasting ritual. The Master Cleanse was first introduced in the early 70’s and then re-packaged and introduced to the world back in the 90’s. Celebrities everywhere were swearing by this cleanse saying the 10 day consumption of the concoction made from lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup did wonders for their body and weight loss.
Over the years body cleanses have evolved and the options out there are endless.

The idea behind a cleanse is to remove unwanted toxins from the body. Some cleanses target specific areas like the colon, liver or your skin, while others focus on the entire body. Most cleanses require a change in diet and have a strict body cleanse diet to follow, which helps you develop healthier eating habits. So what are some of the cleanse options out there and how can you benefit from them?

One of the most popular options out there is called a detox cleanse. This cleanse focuses specifically on eliminating toxins from your body specifically through the colon and liver. A detox cleanse usually centers around fruit and vegetables. The day before starting a cleanse, and optimally a few days before you should start to adjust your diet by eating only fruits and vegetables – salads, fresh fruit and a lot of greens. A detox cleanse usually allows you to have small meals in addition to the blended fruit and wheat grass juice. The meals should be made up of healthy grains like quinoa and vegetables and fruits. A detox cleanse can go anywhere from 2 days to 10 days.

Another popular cleanse I am sure you have often heard of is a juice cleanse. Most cleanses consist of six juices a day. You can make them yourself or have them delivered straight to your door. These juices, whether you make them or have them delivered are not like the fruit juices you find on the shelf next to Ocean Spray. They are pressed, raw, unpasteurized juices made from fruits, vegetables and an assortment of greens. The typical juice cleanse will last for three days and is very restrictive on your diet – meaning no food except for the juice. As with every kind of cleanse, you must drink at least 8 glasses of water each day during the cleanse, as this helps your body rid itself of the toxins the cleanse is destroying. There are quite a few juice cleanse companies out there that will deliver everything you need, eliminating the prep work on your end, for an average cost of $75 per day. Some of the brands include: Life Juice, Cooler Cleanse and Organic Avenue.

All cleanses, despite what area you are focusing on, will require some sort of cleanse diet. This is required because you are trying to rid yourself of the unhealthy toxins that comes from eating unhealthy foods, so if you continue to eat those foods while doing the cleanse, you will not get the benefit of the cleanse. Cleanse diets are usually composed of fruits, vegetables and greens – basically as organic as possible. Some do allow you to eat small amounts of whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice and oats. Following the diet that is recommended with the cleanse you choose will not only help you reap the full benefits of the cleanse, but can also help you feel full, which will make sticking to the cleanse easier.

As with any specific diet, make sure you talk to your doctor before going on a cleanse to make sure that it will benefit your body and not cause any problems, especially if you have health problems. Cleanses are a great way to give your body a restart, especially when trying a new exercise program or start a healthier diet.

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