Workout in 5 Minutes Flat

by Gabriella Patel on February 22, 2014

No time for a full workout today?  Take time to squeeze in this quick workout that you can do in as little as five minutes!  When you work hard, even for just five minutes, you will see an improvement. 


The Workout

Start with a one minute warm up, you can do jumping jacks, jog in place, jump rope, anything to get your body moving.  Then choose two, three, or four of the following exercises that you will complete for one minute each.

Do the moves one right after the other with no rest in between. Your goal is to do as many of that exercise in one minute as you can.


Power push-up plank

Stand with feet a little wider than shoulders; squat down and place hands on floor in front of feet.  Jump or walk feet back into plank position, keeping body lengthened by tightening abs; hold for a count of 8.  Do 2 push-ups (on your toes, if possible, or on your knees); jump or walk feet toward hands, return to a low-squat position on feet, and stand up. Repeat entire move for one minute.


50 High Knees

Lift left knee toward chest, followed by the right. Land softly on the ball of your foot.  Repeat quickly for one minute.



Lie on your stomach with arms stretched overhead and legs straight. Lengthen body, tuck tailbone to protect your lower back, and lift arms and legs at the same time. Hold for 10 seconds.



Lie on back with hands behind head, legs and feet lifted, knees bent to 90-degree angle. Lift head and shoulders slightly off mat. Rotate torso so left shoulder is moving toward right knee. At the same time, extend and lower left leg. Alternate sides.


Hamstring Bridge

Lie on your back with heels on the seat of a standard armchair. Lift and lower hips for one minute.


Air Squats

Stand with feet hip-width apart. Quickly squat, keeping weight on heels, return to start and repeat for one minute.


Hollow Rocks

Lie on your back, holding your legs and arms at a 45-degree angle. Use your core to lift upper body off the floor. Return to start, using momentum of rocking motion to go back and forth.


Reverse Lunges

Step left foot backward and drop left knee toward floor, keeping right knee behind right toe. Push off right heel to stand. Repeat with right leg and continue to alternate for one minute.


Marching Soldiers

Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on floor. Press hips upward as you raise your left knee, keeping it bent. Lower hips and left foot, and repeat on right side, continue to alternate for one minute.



From standing, place hands on floor and pop legs back to push-up position. Pop legs forward, stand and jump, lifting arms overhead.



Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on floor, arms extended overhead. Swing arms downward toward hips and do a sit-up. Return to start and repeat.


Don’t forget to do a quick stretch after your workout!

Gabriella Patel

Gabriella Patel

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