Yoga In The Dentist’s Office

by Jackie on October 5, 2017

Yoga is known to relieve muscle pain and to improve alignment and posture, and it is becoming more popular in the workplace. Yoga is even helping dentists and dental hygienists who often suffer from problems related to poor working posture.

The job of a dental hygienist involves sitting hunched over patients for hours every day, and it often involves a lot of computer work too. A poor working posture, and sitting in the same position for hours, can lead to shoulder and neck tightness and back pain. The repetitive movements that a dental hygienist uses when treating patients can lead to repetitive strain injuries, and the vibration from the tools used in dentistry can cause wrist and hand pain.

Yoga relieves muscle tension and pain in the neck and the back. It stretches all the major muscle groups and helps to strengthen the back and the abdominal muscles, which in turn improves posture. Learning to apply a better working posture, and taking breaks to stretch and to move around throughout the day, are always important for preventing back and neck pain.



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